Laura Kelley Photography - Kayley and Kegan!! Vermillion Ville, Lafayette, Louisiana, Engagements!!

 Kegan and Kayley were so much fun!  They were naturals!  She had been preparing for months! Emailing me and getting with me on text pictures that she loved, and things that she wanted.  We had a great time!  Just hung out!  Horrible Louisiana Heat!! But the session was amazing!
 Dancing to my iphone's cajun music!  Tried a few songs to help them get in the mood, but finally one was perfect! But not as much as the live music that we were able to hear at the school house!

 Now we are dancing!!

 Taking an afternoon ride in the boat! So romantic!
 Lets Celebrate!!!
 What happens right after the confetti gets thrown in your face!!!! lol

 Reading the Bible together!
 Loves me Loves me not!! Of course he loves her!! And you can tell!

 Sweet Moments!