I interrupt 2007 to Thank some great people

This is a preview of my wedding on November 8, 2008 to a great man, Scott Spillane. He is loved by all and I was lucky enough to marry him. I am thrilled to have such a beautiful wedding. Here are some shots. There were three photographers at my wedding. My son, Nicholas Kelley, a friend Kala Hanhour, and me. Keep an eye out for these guys, they are fantastic.
I wanted miniture wedding cakes for all those in the wedding party. They were gorgeous. Terra Cotta's made these beautiful little cakes that made the whole table look elegant and adds a wonderful touch of class. Thanks so much Dunnette. I loved having you and Jamie at our wedding. You will always be like family to me.
This cake was soooo delicious!! I loved the bow that was painted with a pearlized gloss. She did a wonderful job.
This is my little boy and Breanna sitting at my beautiful table. They were precious.
This is me and Scott dancing our first dance. I feel so protected and loved in his arms. I think I was smiling at my son and he snapped it just as I looked off. He did a fine job with my pictures.

Beth was such a large part of my wedding. She is Beth of Marilyn's Flowers and Catering. She is more than just a business associate, she is also like a family member. She helps so many of my brides on their wedding day to have a perfect day with no stress. I relied on her completely. It wouldn't have been the same. These are some of the most gorgeous bouquets I have seen. All the flowers were perfect.

I decided on my decorations from a collaboration of all the hundreds of weddings that I shot. I loved how it turned out.

I interrupt 2007 to Thank some people that mean so much to me from my wedding. Everyone said it was one of the most elegant weddings they have ever seen. I was certainly proud of how it turned out. I felt like I was in a dream.