Christine Habetz and Jared Bruno - CHERISH

This is the wedding that brought tears to my eyes and made me realize what it is to have someone who will cherish you. I must say I decided that day that I wanted to be loved like he loved her. They were high school sweethearts that were seperated for a while from each other. Many years later she contacted him and their love will still so strong and he had never found anyone like her so he never married. She had two gorgeous little girls that he loves as his own. The reason this was so close to me is that I had lost my husband in October 2007 and was sad and lonely and starting to feel myself get depressed. When I went to this wedding I prayed that night that I would have someone that would love me this way and cherish my every word and love my kids like he loved hers. Not long after that I found Scott. We were friends at first but it didn't take long to know that God had answered my prayers. I told her later when I took her baby pictures about my story. How special these two were to me. I will never forget them.