New Orleans Street Car

The Hobbo Hotel was a grand success. They did really well on the auction, but will still need continued support for this little kittens. I was so honored to be part of the success. The Street Car Picture was a big hit at the Hobbo Hotel. I am so excited to say that the print went for $450.00 in the auction. I was shooting engagements that day so I wasn't able to attend, but they told me that there were some very excited buyers bidding. They started it at $100.00 so I can imagine it was a bit tense towards the end. It will be auctioned off again for charity soon. So keep your eyes open if you are interested. I have decided to limit the production to 200 copies. So far everyone that sees it in person decides to order it. It is printed on a fine metallic paper that makes it look 3D so you can't really imagine how gorgeous it is until you see it. I am anxious to see where this street car is headed.