Hobo Hotel for Cats

You are cordially invited to
K O O L K A T 'S N I G H T O U T
an auction to benefit the
Hobo Hotel & Spankey Halfway House
a no-kill shelter for cats and kittens
You can find more information about this at Hobbo Hotel for Cats website and they can certainly explain the details so much better than I can. We are getting so excited about this project, and the whole of Lake Charles seems to be participating. The energy around this project is so wonderful to see. You must come visit their website. So many people are donating things to be auctioned off that night, so make sure you check out some of the great gifts in store. I will be donating my trolley car picture framed, and a few other items but there are so many great businesses and people participating. Come join our efforts.

This is my little boy and our new addition to our family. My little boy named him Whiskers and he is growing so fast and becoming a real part of our family. He has brought so much joy to our home. I wanted a lap cat, who would sit and let me pet him while I was working. But this little buddy decides to follow my mouse from one side of the computer to the next. Sometimes I have to look over his back to see my screen. He is starting to get interested in other things now so he doesn't do that as often, but it was so cute watching his little head bobbing around looking at my screen. My little boy loves him so much. We decided to adopt two little kittens who were brother and sister.

Please if you can get involved and save our little furry friends. If I could I would adopt them all to save their lives, but that is impossible for one person to do, so the Hobo Hotel needs your help.