Dunleith Plantation Heirlooms

I have been wanting to share these pictures I snapped at Dunleith Plantation when I shot Staci and Clay's wedding. I was in the middle of the hustle and bustle but had to pause and look carefully at these pictures. It was amazing how many great old pictures where everywhere in Natchez, Miss. It really made me almost cry when I thought of how I was going to contribute to someones lives, with memories, even when the pictures are this old and one of the most valuable thing they own. Look over these pictures and think about how they felt taking them that day. And how they were just sitting on those steps while the photographer took the pictures, and the photographer probably never really understood the contribution he was making. How large it was going to be for these people back then and now for all of us. He was probably just doing his job.

My name of my company before I changed it to Laura Kelley Photography was Heirloom Photography by Laura. I knew from the beginning that I wanted my pictures to be like these, Heirlooms that you pass to each generation. It was about capturing the memories not for today only, but it was so important to have great pictures for people to show their grandchildren.

I may have told this story before, but when I was young my aunt showed me a picture of a graduation dress she was in. It was of course a black and white photo, and the photographer, or just maybe someone in the family didn't take a closeup of the dress. She was trying so hard to explain what the dress looked like. You could tell in her mind she remembered it vividly and struggled to make sure I understood. What color blue it was, and what details it had. It had hand stitching. She loved that dress, and it was so important that I visualized the details. I knew then how important my job would be when I started photography. To capture the small things to remind the bride and also so she could show others later every detail.

For the photographers that read this, I hope you know how exciting it is for us to be in this position. For the brides that read this, remember to enjoy your wedding, your bridals. Enjoy the day, and cherish every moment. Like one of my favorite songs by Lee Ann Womack say, " I hope you Dance!!"

To think now I am part of the History of Dunleith. Amazing!