My little boy many years ago. He is 6 now, but this is one of my favorite pictures of him.
For those who just met me, you may not know that I used to shoot a lot of childrens photography. I loved it, but the weddings became a huge part of my work and I had to cut down on everything else. I love my weddings, but it has been fun going through all my old files looking at my little ones. Here is one that made my card for a while. Her eyes are so gorgeous and she is just relaxing after a very active march around my whole studio. I caught her 2 second nap. Oh and how happy I did. These are some of my favorite little models. I get to shoot them periodically since their mom is a great friend of mine. I knew their mom when she was this age. She looks just like her.

Childrens photography fools you when you look at the pictures. There is so much activity and the picture is frozen so it looks like you have it all under control. The only one in control are the little ones. But oh what fun it is!!