New Phone Number

For those of you that have been working with me for more than a year, I sincerely apologize for changing my number 4 times on you. But I couldn't resist the urge to get a new iPhone. Even though some told me to wait, I could't resist. I love it. I did have a issue with the syncing of my calendar but I am certain I will get it figured out soon. I was with sprint, then my husband bought me a beautiful pink razor, then I wanted the Pocket PC and now the iPhone. I don't think I will be changing again, I think this number is safe to store.
I am giving my other phones to my sons, yes, the pink razor I was able to disquise as a great LSU phone by a handy little cover from the mall. My new number is 337-304-6730. Thanks everyone. And if you don't mind please change it in your phones and address books. I appreciate your understanding. Text me sometimes!! Laura Kelley