Amanda and David

Usually at a wedding if you look hard enough you find things just laying around with the most incredible placement, all naturally done.
Even this placement, natural and perfect!!!
Everyone gathered around and helped the bride. The one sitting on the floor is Renee, the best bridemaid a girl could have. She has been there the whole planning of the wedding, and she is incredible.
Got caught!!
They were precious together. They absorbed the moment.
Incredible noon light shining in the Cathedral lit this little one perfectly.
I would love to sit and talk for hours to this man. He leaned over during the beginning of the ceromony with tears in his eyes, and told me that years ago he was in this church getting married, but now his wife isn't with him. She is in a nursing home. I wish I could have sat and held his hand and made it easier for him. He was truly a treasure.
Renee getting down with the best man!!
Couldn't tell the story of the day without showing this little talented kid. He could do some amazing tricks. And Amanda's little twin brother tried to copy....
And of course, I could have had that camera in that guys hand, for one of my camera's and $100.00 dollars. Man how did I pass that one up.