Working at the weddings.

Every single time I am caught at a wedding on a camera, they are not attractive pictures. My brides don't understand why they can't have those pictures. One bride took one of me with a slow shutter and oh my that was a bad one. She wants that picture. Yes, Kenna, I am talking about you. My son has been catching me working and I thought I would use this post for an introduction to me and him. Below with the camera and gear.... ME! From the balcony, my son caught me in action while each were coming down.
This is Nicholas holding all the bags on the side. He helps soo much now at weddings. Just holding the equipment and reloading batteries is a huge help but when he is not doing that he is getting very interesting shots of the wedding. You will see him there also. So there we are. If I get better ones I will replace them but don't hold your breath. I rather be behind the camera.