Kelli and Chris's Wedding

I love when someone makes their wedding their own. Making it their ideas. This picture was an idea from Chris and his friend, so all you grooms out there, take notes. It was his idea and what a great one. Now it was hot, but it was completely worth the effort.

This was such a great grooms cake. Below Kelli is making "varoom, varoom!!" noises, which completely cracked up Chris. It was adorable.
Even this little one thought it was funny!!!
Peeking around the corner!

The guys were trying to teach the little one how to make cool signs and the reaction was better than anything posed!!
Sexy Sexy!! When I showed the Chris, he just said, "WOW!!"

The whole wedding was full of laughter. Remember to take a moment to spend time with your parents during the wedding. They feel like they are loosing something and you have to reassure them of how important they are to you.
I love to share emails of response to the pictures with everyone. These girls are all heart and this one is no exception.
Dear Laura,Where do I begin? I truly can't ever thank you enough for ALL you have done for me and Chris! You have helped make these last few months so special and memorable! I was so nervous at the beginning of my bridal pictures and by the end I was having the time of my life. I have never seen such beautiful and unique pictures! You know that for our engagement pictures we really weren't in to it and, again, you made us so comfortable and got some beautiful and meaningful shots. And now for the wedding......I could not have asked for a better night! Everything was exactly how I dreamed it would be and you captured all of it!! You caputured every part of our personality and our emotion is evident in every picture! Everyone had a blast and just loved you to pieces!!! I can't believe the shots you got! You are truly an amazing artist! The pictures you took of me and my dad and me and chris are truly priceless and the emotions are seen all over our faces!! The pictures of chris and his friends are so amazing and fun! I want to thank you again! I truly believe I have found a friend in you and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you! I know I will be checking your webpage frequently so I can see what other beautiful shots you have taken! Thanks again for everything!Love,Kelli