Studio Vieux Carre in New Orleans

It is always great to have someone that appreciate your work that is in the business. I recieved this fantastic email today, and I wanted to share it. Thanks so much guys at Studio Vieux. You really made my day. Make sure you check out their website also for video!

Just wanted you to know that we here at Studio Vieux Carre in New Orleans are fascinated by your photographs. your eye for expression, emotion and feelings is flawless. I have visited your site several times today just to to be inspired by your works of art.You are truly an artist of wedding photography.If you are ever in New Orleans for whatever reason, please look us up,we work out of our home/studio in the French Quarter, we'd love to meet the master behind the beautiful images.We are, truly inspired by your work.And your choice of background music is perfect.
I stumbled across your site and was in awe of the images. Your photos inspired me enough to ask myself should I become a photographer. haha!'s what I know, it takes more than a piece of equipment to capture the images you have posted on your website. It takes a true talent and mind's eye to capture the moments and emotions, without interruption, that I saw on your website. We realize and appreciate that talent and art and therefore I just had to tell you of our appreciation of your contribution to the art of photography.

Terry Taravella
Julian St. Pierre
Joe Taravella