Non Traditional Wedding

Jolene was determined to make her wedding a non traditional event. YMCA !! And they acted it out!!

Jazzy little cake

"Three strikes and your out!!" I don't know if this is what she is saying but I have a feeling it was. He was having a blast and he kept us laughing.

To get a traditional picture was not going to happen. I am thrilled!! I guess I rather fun ones anyways.
This was her email about the event,
they are truly are amazing! There are just so the ones of all the guys! How will I ever be able to choose? Thank you so much for all you did! You put the icing on my cake! I have wonderful pictures to remember the happiest day of my life! Just looking at these has put the biggest smile on my face which only puts me wishing I could go back to that night it was truly, truly the most wonderful night....You smile and personality is so wonderful and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer! You have inspired me and hopefully one day I can be as good as you are...
you are truly an ANGEL sent fro above (my brother was looking out for me) thanks again for all you did!