Jana and Jared

Jana is one of the sweetest people you are going to meet. She glows with enthusiasm for life. She was told that she had to postpone her beautiful wedding until later. But she did get married, so congratulations girl. So what was I to do? Well, the only thing was to create a wedding day feel for her. I told her the only thing we didn't do was buy a small cake and do a toast. Jared is a prince charming for her. She email me about it, and it was such a sweet letter.....
She wrote:


Oh my gosh...these are such awesome pictures. I can't say thank you enough....you will never know how much these pictures mean to us. I never dreamed that we could "recreate" a "wedding day" experience for the two of us, but you did it! Looking through all of these photos, I feel like it actually was our "wedding day"....minus all the stress!!

When we found out that Jared was getting deployed and we would not have time to do anything, but say "I do," I cried a million tears. The day that I had dreamed of for so long was not going to happen....atleast not the way that we had planned. Sure, there were plans of having a ceremony when he returned, but life happens and after spending 5 months worrying about Jared in a war zone and praying each day that I didn't receive a knock on the door to tell me he was KIA, I realized what really matters most in life. For months, I starred at our engagement pictures and our actual wedding day photos (from my parents living room) and I realized that I was an incredibly lucky girl to have Jared in my life. He is such an incredible husband and marrying him was the best thing I've ever done. I love him with every inch of my heart and soul and these pictures help tell that story!!

Our newlywed and bridal pictures were so important to us....Jared wanted me to atleast have the chance to wear my wedding gown and to also have professional pictures done. Laura, you truly have no idea how special these pictures are and how much they help "complete" that chapter of our lives that was left undone. We will forever be grateful!

The only thing is.....How do I choose from all of these incredible pictures? It's just so hard!