Danielle's Bridals

Danielle and Brandon were married tonight. They are geniunely nice people, and I had a wonderful time shooting the wedding. The wreck on the 210 bridge today almost made me late, but I took a turn in time and immediately grabbed my phone to call her and tell her I might be a few minutes late because I had to go I10, but she reassured me it was fine since SHE was caught in the traffic going over the bridge. So I was early but she was 45 minutes late. I already felt horrible for her but she held her cool. She is a great great girl. She got to the church and had left her tie for the dress at a hairstylist in Sulphur, YIKES! I tried to remember all my girls that I might be able to call but my mind went blank. But if you ever get a call on a Saturday, you will know what it is about. I will want to buy one of those ties. Just in case. We found one and all went great!! The party was perfect and the couple was cool. Thanks guys!! I had a wonderful time.
This is my artsy side of me. Something about this picture reminds me of an Egyptian queen. Really a beautiful girl.

Romance and cupid in the background. Really really love this shot.

Love how her dress flares. She did an amazing job in a very short amount of time. It was Maudi Gras and about to rain as I remember. So we had to work fast, but we both worked great under pressure.