Kenna and Joe's Wedding

The bride is back in town and left me an email today. I love her! Can't help it........
Kenna said...............
Oh my goodness – I love them all!! There are so many – I can not wait to get these printed and make me a photo album!! I am going to have so much fun!!! I am going to open them again tonight so that Joe and I can sit down and actually go through them all tonight – I went through them but I went pretty fast since I am at work – but man oh man Joe is going to be so happy – He was so anxious so see the ones of him and the guys – they are all really good!! You are too nice But you are right – I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE the pictures – you are so amazing – I really cant wait to sit down with Joe to go through them more slowly!
Thank You for Everything Laura – I have the most perfect wedding pictures ever because of you – I am going to say it again because I don’t think the words Thank you are enough but I am not sure of how else to say it… So Thank You, Thank You & Thank You J

I promised the pirate picture. So cute. This was really fun. The groom in all the action got confused and held his bride for ransom. She screamed when she realized and told him they were supposed to be on the same side.

There are soo many pictures from this wedding that are my favorites. This girl running after the limo has to book me for her wedding. She was crazy! Full of energy like her sister. She was running to get on the back of the limo in this picture. She is also gorgeous!
I will post more as I go through the 1700 and more pictures I took at this wedding so you can see them all.
Mom comes to the rescue!

Kenna even had pirates at her wedding. Her mom and dad were on the Maudi Gras Court and had this all planned for their daughter. The pirates stole her and they had to come up with some money to get her back. It was so much fun, but I haven't gotten to that folder yet, but will certainly show you the Contraband Pirates when I get to them. Such fun. My son said it was the funniest wedding he had ever gone to. I agree! A lot of the reason is because Kenna was such a great bride who kept the energy going! Someone told me at the wedding it was like she was a rabbit. She was. She was bouncing everywhere!