Holly Alexander

This is Holly Alexander who was married this weekend to a wonderful guy from Cajan Country, Scott Landry. I will have more pictures from their wedding soon. We had a wonderful time at Bridals and engagements. She wanted this shot for his grooms table and it fit perfectly with his hunting cake. So girls, when you come to do bridals bring something that is associated with your fellow and we can take the picture for your grooms table. It can be golf, football, something that will make it very personal for him. It will be a great surprise to see his beautiful bride in his favorite attire.
Another suggestion I can make from her bridals, is that she wore her hair down for the bridals and up for her wedding. It is a good way to get the pictures from both. But make sure you always try the hair style before the wedding that you are planning to wear at the wedding. And use the same stylist. I have had a few brides that were not happy with the results and you don't want that happening on your wedding day. So it is good to test run it, either at the bridals or on another day. But it is really important and worth the money.
I am hoping that some of these suggestions I make are helping with the planning. Working so many wedding in the year has giving me a sense of what to look out for. If you have questions, let me know. I will either know or know someone that can help.
Thanks Holly for the wonderful friendship and hospitality of you and your family.