Sheila and Matthew

Matthew broke his foot before the wedding. So as you see here they were married with him on cruches. But he was very talented on them. And she was beautiful.

The winners of the coolest cake was this gorgeous grooms cake set on an boat with cat tails and lights all around. Also this beautiful cake on the wagon with saddles. What a great idea! especially for a rodeo couple. Congratulations and thanks for a wonderful wedding.
I got an email from them and I wanted to post it. They will be lifelong friends of mine.
Goodmorning Laura!

Laura, I have been looking at pictures for 2 weeks. They are so good. I was gonna try to talk to you during the holidays but it has been so hectic. I want you to know that you did an excellent job with the pictures. I was so stressed during the wedding and reception that everything seems like a blur to me but as I look at the pictures I see people I didn't know was there and things I don't even remember. You took pictures of everything and everybody. It was just wonderful!! I even look at their expressions and I can see that they were having a good time. Looking at those pictures was like a storybook. I have given your name to so many people. I may have told you this but one of my friends said, I knew she was going to be a good photographer because when she came in the door she was smiling. She enjoys what she does and she is everywhere snapping pictures. We have pictures of everything.