Shiela and Matthew

I went to Deridder the other day for an all day photoshoot. Engagements in the morning and bridals in the afternoon sun. Those you will see soon, since they will be married Saturday. I can't wait to reveal them. They really turned out wonderful. But I must stop talking about them before I give the surprise away.

Here is their baby. What a cutie! Did I mention it was soo cold that day?

Matthew crushed his foot and will be on crutches for the wedding. I did some inventive footwork to not show that boot, a black one that protects his foot and cast. We had a great time, but I have never seen a man in a cast climb a tree, but he was a sport and climb right on.

What a cowboy!!

Her mother loved this shot so much. She actually was so excited about them all. She is such a doll, I had to mention her!!