I took pictures for a Prince!

A'lyssia and Magic Prince was married this last weekend in New Iberia. You can tell people by their friends, and their friends love them. All night long they were asking if I was okay, and if I needed anything. I have some wonderful brides and grooms. It makes my job so rewarding.

Her eyes are the prettiest green you have ever seen. And her lips are so full and gorgeous. Everytime I see her I can't help remarking on them.

I have to mention the videographers also that I worked with on this wedding. They were so professional and I can just tell the footage they have will be amazing. You can find Lonnie and his wife Antoinette at their website - www.twisted-colors.com. Now for the caterers who had such amazing food, and never ever let the bowl get empty, Cakes to Remember. www.cakes2remember.net They even had two white doves for A'lyssia and Magic to let go. Very special touch. Its good to work with great people.