Stacy, Clay and Family

Stacy's Email: Thank You so much for doing such a wonderful job! We love........ the pictures! And it was so much fun. Clay just saw them and said "That's some good pictures, she's good". He's so funny. Yea, I don't mind you putting them on the blog. THANKS SO MUCH.

What a gorgeous family!! I had such a great afternoon with these four. They are so precious to be around, and Stacy and I have so much in common. We have so much of the same taste. She invited me to her lovely home and her decorating was not like mine, it was exactly like mine. Yes, Stacy, I even have your same leather couch. We both drive an Nissan, Armada. Our rooms even have the same colors and we kept saying how shocked we were when we were telling each other about our likes as far as decorating. Too much fun. I definately want to go shopping with this girl. I completely loved her pictures so I was pretty sure she would also. They dressed the family exactly in my taste. I even have a shirt like her, but you probably figured that. Thanks girl. Loved the day.....
Oh yes, look over their shoulder at that cloud. It was magnificant. I know we had weather that day that even caused tornados in Deridder, but for us it worked out as great lighting and a wonderful afternoon, and it held out till I left their house. Here is the slideshow of all the images. Her daughters are so beautiful.