Kenna and Joe

Kenna called me a month or so ago, after looking at Tonya's wedding pictures and wanted to book me right away. When they walked in for their engagements, I was going on and on about how beautiful she was and he said, "Well what about me!!" Yeah Joe, Gorgeous!! By now you know if you email me about your pictures I will be posting it on the blog. So here is one that she wrote....

Thank You so much!! You are absolutely amazing and so much fun! I overheard Joe telling my parents how much he enjoyed taking the pictures, it was very sweet! Again Thank you so much and I can not wait to take my Bridals!!

And another email she wrote after showing her some effects on a picture:

Oh my heart, I love this picture!! I really do love that blue effect! I can’t wait to show my parents!!!I had a wonderful time yesterday; never have I had so much taking pictures! You made it so easy going and relaxing – I am so thankful that Tonya told me about you. I will for sure be telling as many people as I can about how wonderful you are!
I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! I love the ones that you have already sent me; they have made me even more anxious to see the rest, LOL!

Kenna, you and Joe were so much fun. You were all about being playful and romantic. I loved it. Thanks for a great afternoon.

Okay, Like I have said before I can't resist a great email, and even though she says I would be taking it down, but I asked again and she said it was fine. But it made me laugh so hard that I thought I would share it.
So she wrote:
yes to be perfectly honest I love all of them! I just wish Joe would have opened his eyes on more of them, lol! We both looked at them again last night, they are amazing!! Okay seriously if you put this on your blog you will so have to take this comment off but I don’t know what you do to work your magic, but I can’t quit staring at myself – it does not even look like me – I actually look very good! One of the guys here at work asked me if that was actually me – because I never look that good, LOL! choosing may be the hardest thing I ever do, lol)? Do these pictures come on the CD at the end? I ask because there are some that I would not put out at the wedding because I look goofy but I like that I know why I looked that way. Its neat knowing that there is actually a story behind these pictures its not just Oh that is how she told me to pose. I love your Idea of the “Love Story” some of those pictures will always be favorite, they are so real, I just love them!! You really are great at capturing the special moments and I am not sure how to say but I guess you were actually able to capture how I felt that day… I know that may sound corny but I don’t know how else to say it. I am so excited about them!!
Oh and some good news I have already given out your information to about 10 girls here in Houston. They liked mine so much that they all want to take pictures now for no reason, lol! They were thinking that they could take couple pictures or something like that! I will recommend you to as many people as I can and I know that they will as well – just from seeing my pictures!Thank you so much!

I guess I might have to run a poll (is that how you spell that??) on how many people think you are gorgeous!! You will be truly surprised. Thanks so much Kenna.