Candice Simon Hebert

I thought I was working with a top model. Candice was so great at giving it her all and the pictures were getting better and better the longer we stayed together. She was married this weekend to Archie Hebert III and the wedding was grand. She was married at the Cathedral, Paradise flowers did her flowers, Cypi’s Cakes did her cake, and she had her reception at the Brick house. I will work on getting her slideshow up this week sometimes. But it was such great fun. She was surprised coming out of the church with a horse and carriage. Thanks so much for everything Candice.

Candices Email to me:
OH MY GOSH!! The pictures are great. there are a GAZILLION!!! I love them. I still have not looked at every one of them. SO i need to pick how many?? Then i can print more on my own from the cd right? I might need like four albums to hold all these awesome pictures!!! Also some of my bridesmaids are totally interested in using you when their time comes. Everyone just loved you. My whole family and even a lot of the guests were very impressed with you. Nothing but compliments! Thanks again Candice