Archie and Candice Hebert III

Candice has been such a great bride and now friend. She was beautiful, and the pictures of her are so perfect. Her skin glows. This first one reminds me of my picture on my card which I also so much love of Agnes and Brad. I put this wedding on my website with every picture I took and all that she will choose from for anyone that might be interested in seeing a FULL Wedding. I think it is important that you see a full wedding before you book a photographer. That website address is
But also as always I have a slideshow of some of the images that I loved the most. I have so many that it is really long, so the song starts over. So hold on till the end. That can be found at

She emailed me "I am just obsessed with looking at these pictures. " I am also. When I asked her if it was everything that she wanted it to be she wrote back, "They are far better than i ever could have imagined. Im glad you decided to up your prices on your packages because you are SOOO worth it!!! Yes i did go to that link and i just want everyone to see them. I gave that link to his mom and some other family. They are just raving about you I swear!! " So thanks so much Candice. You just don't know what it means to a photographer to get someone this excited about our work. It means so much. I put everything I have into that one night, when I get this kind of recognition back it is overwhelmingly glorious. Thanks.

Forgot to mention that the song on the slideshow is from Lifehouse "You and Me" Great song.