How much fun we had. So wonderful. They were full of energy and enthusiasm. Make sure to click on this black and white picture to see his expression.

Thank you to Pujo Street Cafe for letting them dance their dance and also for the wonderful gentleman that sang "You are so Beautiful". What an amazing afternoon. It is so great to be part of the romance with my bride and grooms.

This is Wendy and Rowdy. I have been looking forward to shooting her wedding and engagements since I first met her
at Robin Palermo's wedding, and then again at Agnes Reeves.
She was the bridesmaid of both and loved my stuff. She was so excited about her pictures here. I loved them so much also.
She gave me an email.....

The pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for all you do!! We really enjoyed you and your son. (He's such a sweet guy, just like his mom!)
You really do absolutely beautiful work and we're so glad that we are using you to help us remember what we share for the rest of our life together!
Thank you so much